May 2nd, 2017

Room Service

by Wayno & Piraro

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I’ve heard from a couple of people who didn’t immediately understand the cartoon above but when they did, they laughed. I love cartoons like that. I was proud of this one when I thought of it because it is fairly surreal, yet also a completely simple twist on a popular saying. In my experience of writing a joke a day for over 30 years*, I find that surprise is the most dependable way to get a laugh. I always love finding a surprising angle on a cliche expression, and this one achieves that very well in my opinion. PLUS, it has eleven Secret Symbols, including the newly-added “O2,” which you can find out about under that blue link you just sailed past.

As of today, May 1, 2017, I’ve published 11,788 cartoons since Bizarro began.

I’ve written more than my share of cartoons about cloning in my day. I’m skeptical that cloning humans will ever be a thing, but I can’t help but wonder about it. Under these blue words is one of my faves from 1997. The colors are hideous because I had to color the old-fashioned way back then, which was complex and inaccurate. Only a few months later I began using a computer to color them and everything changed for the better.

I don’t have much to say about this one other than that at Bunny’s Diner, they do things just like Mom used to.

I arrived at this cartoon by asking myself, “What would be even worse than having a small person growing out of your shoulder?” My answer is illustrated above, I welcome your ideas in the comments section.

I have been a performing musician from time to time and I have great respect and affection for musicians in general. I cannot, however, stand cafes and restaurants with live music. They are virtually always too loud to ignore and they diminish my ability to converse with my companion(s), which is one of the two reasons I go to cafes and restaurants. If I want to hear live music, I go to a live music venue. I also can’t help but feel sorry for them because people rarely pay any attention to a musician in this kind of setup. For all that most people get out of it, they might as well be dressed in a tutu and be dancing Swan Lake in the corner of the cafe. Am I being a jerk about this? Probably.

When I wrote this cartoon about border collies I figured someone else had probably already come up with a cartoon about this pun so I googled it. Googling gag ideas has become fairly standard practice for me with certain kinds of phrases or puns that I suspect someone else might have arrived at before me, and when I see that it has been done, I always kill the idea and move on. In this case, yes, it has been done a couple of times before but it was done differently and I thought mine was funnier, so I did it anyway.

The basic idea for this cartoon came from an unsolicited Facebook message from someone calling himself Kenneth McCoy. I get lots of gag suggestions from readers but I only use a very tiny percentage of them. This one seemed like one I would have thought of, so I went for it. If any of you know Kenneth, tell him I mentioned him in this blog post today.

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