A Bodacious Snuffy Smith Fan!

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Sue Davis has collected hundreds of Snuffy Smith comic strips in a binder over the past 50-plus years! Photo by Severo Avila/Rome News-Tribune

We have family friends, Brett and Michelle Horton, who live in Rome, GA.  A few weeks ago they clipped and mailed me the front page story from their local newspaper, the Rome News-Tribune (which is a Snuffy Smith comic strip subscriber).  The story was titled “Fan Identifies With Snuffy” and it was about a local woman named Sue Davis who has clipped and collected hundreds of her favorite Snuffy Smith comic strips and placed them in a binder for over 50 years!  The first entry in her binder is a Snuffy Smith comic strip her future father-in-law gave her in 1964 about babies. He was hinting that he wanted lots of grandchildren one day!  From that point on, Sue began collecting and creating her own Snuffy Smith book collection!  Wow!  You can read the full story here.

I think all Snuffy Smith fans are wonderful, but when I read Sue’s story I could not believe it!  Anyone that would take the time to create her own Snuffy Smith book collection by clipping and pasting her favorite Snuffy strips since 1964 is incredibly dedicated. I felt like I needed to send her something to thank her for being such an incredible fan of the comic strip.  It is obvious that she loves books, so I thought I would send her my two Snuffy Smith comic strip book collections, The Bodacious Best Of Snuffy Smith and Balls Of Fire! More Snuffy Smith Comics.  I signed both books to Sue, sent along a thank you card and mailed to the Rome News-Tribune reporter, Severo Avila who wrote the newspaper article.  He delivered them to Sue.  Severo said that Sue was overwhelmed with the gift and he decided to write a follow-up story about Sue getting my surprise gifts!  You can read that story here.

Bodacious thanks to Sue, Severo, the Rome News-Tribune and Snuffy Smith fans everywhere!  You are all amazing!