by Brian Walker, Greg Walker and Chance Browne
Hi and Lois Sunday page, October 31, 2010. Hi and Lois Sunday page, October 31, 2010. Many people buy the latest and most trendy Halloween costumes in stores every year and then discard them. Lois, who is more old-fashioned, saves all of her home-made get-ups in a big box and stores them in the attic. Among these are the traditional pirate and princess outfits. In the episode above, Trixie, who is wearing the same bunny costume that Dot wore when she was her age, puzzles over the connection between Halloween and mothballs. Below is the color guide for this Sunday page. Chance Browne first water-colored a copy of the original to see how it looked. Then he used a color chart to number the different areas of the page. American Color, who was doing the production work on King Features strips at this time, matched Chance’s numbers to their guides and created the final color separations. These methods were used for decades but have recently been replaced by computer technology. Eric Reaves now colors all the Hi and Lois Sunday pages in Photoshop. Hi and Lois color guide, October 31, 2010. Hi and Lois color guide, October 31, 2010. We hope all of our readers have a fun and safe Halloween. – Brian Walker




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