Hidden WHOs

By Jeremy Meltingtallow
I have been a major Doctor Who fan since 1972, spending countless Saturday afternoons watching the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee (my first and favorite), and later, every regeneration up until the present BBC series reboot.
Ever since Steve and I launched “Dustin” I’ve had fun dropping a little Who into the backgrounds without mention when the opportunity arises. It’s a fun little homage to our favorite 2,100-year-old Time Lord. And more often than not, Alpha Centauran-eyed Whovian readers will spot the reference and cheer us on.
Steve has no idea what or who Doctor Who is, but indulges my mania anyway.
Here are a few Who clippings from past “Dustin” strips (clockwise from upper left):
Dustin and his date watch Peter Capaldi, the Twelfth Doctor, on her TV; Steve’s script for the next one called for Dustin to be “wearing a long scarf,” so of course I drew him wrapped in the Fourth Doctor’s trademark neckwear; the TARDIS bounces around the time/space continuum as well as the Kudlick’s TV; Hayden and Dustin do some exterminating with a Dalek video game; a TARDIS mug holds pens and pencils in Megan’s room; and Fitch sports a DW logo t-shirt just like one I myself own (like bow ties, Doctor Who logo t-shirts are cool).