Are You The Mary?

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

ImTheMaryMy crazy-ass creative daughters have just opened an online store that I’d like you to check out. They’re always making amazing costumes and such and decided to start selling their handmade headdresses online. High quality, beautiful, bold, terrific stuff if you’re the right kind of gal or drag queen. Go check their stuff out now and make a daddy proud!

You can also follow their shenanigans on Instagram here.

The pic above shows one of my daughters, Krelspeth, in the upper left corner. The other three gals in this montage are friends of theirs. My other daughter, Krapuzar, was behind the camera.

And here’s a picture of The Goilz just being themselves on an average Tuesday: Krelspeth, Krapuzar, Emily, Kia.  We all need some of this kind of fun in our lives. You can start now, right here!TheGoilz