The Shirt That Won’t Die

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

So I’ve sold this cartoon on a T-shirt here in the US before and it was super popular, but I had complaints from foreign readers about the high cost of shipping to Europe. Here’s the solution: a UK-based campaign that ships affordably to everyone in the world, even the US! Bizarro12-30-07DevolutionWEBI also got complaints that the shirts weren’t organic cotton so we changed that, too! All organic cotton, ships to anywhere, and a percentage of every sale goes to Jane Goodall Institute’s global youth-led community action program, Roots and Shoots! 

Grab one for yourself now and a few more for holiday gifts. Sale ends on the evening of October 14, so flex those link-clicking muscles now! And please promote among your like-minded friends.


P.S. This sale features all of the colors available in organic cotton. If your fave color isn’t here, it’s because this company doesn’t offer organic cotton in that color. Thanks for understanding.