Ink Drawing Compared to Digital

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

For those interested…
Here’s the title panel for an upcoming Sally Forth Sunday (10/11/2015). The image on the left is my pen and ink drawing. The image on the right is the cleaned up bitmap scan with the lettering dropped in.

Click on image to see larger.


Once I scan the original and have the digital file, I take a moment to fix anything that pops out at me. In this case it was the rim of the plate.

For anything you draw it’s important to get a fresh take on it before considering it finished. Examples for original art are looking at it in a mirror or flipping it over on a lightbox. For digital images you can flip it, or what I prefer is printing out a copy the size the image will see print (and if it’s not meant for print, then just a reduced size copy) and see how it holds up.

-Jim Keefe