“Cruise with Cartoonists” (cancelled… sorry)

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Hey! How about taking a “Cruise with Cartoonists” January 17th-24th, 2016! It’s a week long vacation on one of the largest and most luxurious cruise ships in the world with 13 of your favorite cartoonists (yes, I am hoping you consider me one of them).
CruiseAD (100pkl wide)
This is going to be a very fun week… and it all takes place aboard the Royal Caribbean’s “Freedom of the Seas”, with port stops in Haiti, Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. If you are a fan of cartooning, interested in doing it as a career, or just want to have an excuse for taking a January cruise in the Caribbean, look no further.

All funds raised will go to benefit the National Cartoonists Society Foundation to help support programs such as: the “Cartooning for Kids” children’s hospital visits… drawing for our troops and wounded warriors both home and abroad… the Jay Kennedy Memorial Scholarship… the Milt Gross Fund for cartoonists experiencing financial hardships… and the support of educational institutions dedicated to the art-form. You’d not only be enjoying yourself, you’d be helping others, too… They’ve put together a terrific lineup of guest cartoonists and event itinerary for the cruise…

Here’s what it’s all about: Those who cruise with the Cartoonists group will get admission to any and all of the events planned with the guest cartoonists. These include speaking presentations, workshops and talks about breaking into and working in the business, entertainment events like the “Quick on the Draw” show, several “Meet and Draws” where you can get free autographs and sketches by all the cartoonists, cocktail parties and needless to say, much lounging around by the pool (although I will first need to be dipped in a vat of sunscreen)…. Of course, all meals and accommodations are included… You’ll also have your dinner table hosted by one of the cartoonists once or more over the course of the trip. Plus, you get a free beverage package, which includes all the house wine, beer, soda, well/call/premium cocktails, and frozen drinks you can handle all week!

Here’s the speaker lineup:

  • Jim Borgman– “Zits” syndicated comic strip; Pulitzer prize winning editorial cartoonist; 1993 Reuben Award winner
  • Lynn Johnston– “For Better or For Worse” syndicated comic strip; 1985 Reuben Award winner
  • Jeff Keane– …c’mon, you know who I am…
  • Rick Kirkman– “Baby Blues” syndicated comic strip; 2012 Reuben Award winner
  • Mike Luckovich– Two time Pulitzer prize winning editorial cartoonist, 2005 Reuben Award winner
  • Steve McGarry– “Biographic” and “Kid’s Town” syndicated comics; “Minions” movie story artist
  • Bill Morrison– “The Simpsons” and “Futurama” artist and art director
  • Mike Peters– “Mother Goose and Grimm” syndicated comic strip; Pulitzer prize winning editorial cartoonist, 1991 Reuben Award winner
  • Michael Ramirez– Two time Pulitzer prize winning editorial cartoonist
  • Tom Richmond– Mad Magazine artist; 2011 Reuben Award winner
  • Jerry Scott– “Zits” and “Baby Blues” syndicated comic strips; 2001 Reuben Award winner
  • Rick Stromoski– “Soup to Nuts” syndicated comic strip; Greeting Cards

and just added ….

  • Stephan Pastis – “Pearls Before Swine” syndicated comic strip and “Timmy Failure” childrens book series author

So how do you book this incredible trip? Just visit the NCS website or this direct page for all the details… As stated earlier, the price includes food AND drinks for the entire week. When you book be sure to use the Family Circus name… How? Just select Family Circus in the dropdown box on the booking page (example below):

cruise select FC

Of course, the best part is that all the proceeds go to the NCS Foundation.

I hope to see you on the high seas (well, not too high of seas, hopefully)!