A Bodacious Gift!

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Photo/Illustration by Sarah Rose.  Snuffy drawing by John Rose, ©King Features Syndicate. Photo/Illustration by the bodaciously talented Sarah Rose. Snuffy drawing by John Rose.

Our daughter, Sarah, is a Graphic Design major entering her junior year in college. Recently, she presented me with this magnificent photo/illustration as a gift! Several months ago she asked me if I would do a drawing of Snuffy with his arms crossed for a class project. I did so and had forgotten all about it until she gave me this gift! I’m not exactly sure when she took the photo of me in my studio, but she graphically combined the two images into a wonderful piece!  It is framed and hanging on my studio wall and I will treasure it always and forever!  A big, bodacious thank you, Sarah, for this bee-yoo-ti-ful gift!