Help a Brutha/Sista Out

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

My old San Francisco friend and genius character-comedian, Will Franken, who now lives in London, is slated to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival’s most prestigious venue. He’s been there four times before, gotten rave reviews (which I believe is how he got into their best venue), but needs money to support himself while there. Unfortunately, there isn’t much money in the non-mainstream comedy he’s dedicated his life to, so he’s always living on the edge.

He’s also recently come out as a transgender, so while he’s already well known as a male comedian, he’s trying to become as well known as a female. If you’re up for tossing a few bucks his way to help fund his comedy, he (and I) would appreciate it greatly.

Here’s his IndieGoGo pitch. The video he includes from his recent stage work isn’t his best, in my humble opinion, but it tells a bit of the story he’s living right now, so I’m guessing that’s why he used it. This video shows him at what I’d call his best.