By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Snuffy Biscuit

A few weeks ago, we lost our family dog of close to 18 years, Biscuit. She was a great dog, more like a little sister to both of our two daughters, Meredith and Sarah. Even though they loved Biscuit tremendously, I think she loved my wife Karen the most! She loved being anywhere Karen was! We rescued Biscuit from the SPCA when she was six months old.  Up until about the last year, she was a studio buddy for me and spent much of the day resting on a blue pillow near my drawing table.  When she was younger,  I used to love watching her chase rabbits in the backyard (she even caught one once!).

Many years ago I decided to give Jughaid’s little girlfriend, Mary Beth, a pet dog in the comic strip.  Since I have always thought Mary Beth looks like our daughters when they were younger, I created Mary Beth’s pet dog in the image of our dog.  I even named her Biscuit.  So now, even though our family pet is gone, Biscuit will live on in the Barney Google and Snuffy Smith comic strip as a semi-regular character.  Whenever you see her in the strip, please think of our family pet.

Rest In Peace, Biscuit Anne Rose Rest In Peace, Biscuit Anne Rose…chasing rabbits and jumping over fences in heaven.