Buy This Book

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

One of the best New Yorker cartoonists to come along in the past decade or so is Matthew Diffee. He also happens to be one of my best friends of all the New Yorker cartoonists I know and he and his wife hang out with Olive Oyl and me fairly regularly. The reason I mention this is that he has a new book out that is actually very funny, charming and clever.


It’s not just another book full of cartoons, it’s tied together with a funny and charming narrative and a bunch of extra drawings and jokes. I’m going to risk my impeccable reputation and say you’re going to love this book unless you’re ugly and stupid. People you give it to as a gift will also love it.

Buy it here and make Matt buy me dinner as thanks for all the business I sent his way.

Here’s one of his cute and funny chapter pages, followed by one of his funny cartoons.

Here’s Matt’s website. Here’s a radio interview with Matt about the book.Diffee1

Diffee2 Another good reason to buy the book is because Matt’s wife has a medical condition that we’re all praying will result in the birth of a baby in a few months. If it doesn’t it’ll be extremely disturbing.