Editor’s Dispatch: Welcome to Kevin & Kell and a C2E2 Panel with David Reddick!

By Tea Fougner

We are very excited to be welcoming Kevin & Kell, by Bill Holbrook, to Comics Kingdom.

Kevin & Kell is one of the oldest webcomics in existence, and, as far as we know, the longest-running daily webcomic ever!  Bill, who also creates Safe Havens and On the Fastrack for King Features, teamed up with us to offer a special “rewind” version of the comic.

“The strip debuted in September 1995, and is now the Internet’s longest-running continually updated daily webcomic,” says Bill.  

“Bringing classic “Kevin & Kell” strips to Comics Kingdom is an exciting development, as it opens up a whole new audience for the tale of the online world’s most blended family.  I’m thrilled to introduce the Dewclaws; the rabbit and wolf parents Kevin and Kell, their teenage children from previous marriages Lindesfarne and Rudy, and their own offspring Coney, a carnivorous bunny.  Together they challenge every taboo of their predator/prey-based society, and prove that love can triumph over any difference.”

“We’re picking up with strips from 2009, with Kell working at the carnivore corporation Herd Thinners, Inc. From the family basement Kevin is running HareLink, a small ISP servicing their residential community of Domain.  Lindesfarne is attending Beige University, located about two hours away from home. Rudy is in high school, and little Coney is still a toddler learning to control her prodigious hunting talents.”  

This is very exciting for me and the rest of the Comics Kingdom team, because it’s the first time we’ve introduced a digital-only comic to our offerings.  Check out Kevin and Kell NOW!!!

For more about Kevin & Kell, you can go to http://www.kevinandkell.com/

In other exciting news, David Reddick of Intelligent Life is going to be moderating a panel at C2E2 this weekend!   It’s running on Friday, April 24 at 5:15 in the afternoon.

Here are the details:

Webcomics Now! A Discussion with Top Web Cartoonists

Webcartoonists run the gamut from casual hobbyists to aspiring pros and measure success in different ways. Moderator David Reddick (Intelligent Life — www.IntelligentLifeComics.com — King Features Syndicate) leads a discussion on expectations, realities and desires related to setting goals in webcomics. Featuring: G. Pike, Title Unrelated (www.titleunrelated.com); Steve Ogden, Magnificatz (steveogden.com/magnifico); Byron Wilkins, Webcomic Alliance (www.webcomicalliance.com).

If you plan on going to C2E2, be sure to check it out!!!!