Welcome to the New Sally Forth Site!

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Forth Fourth WallHello and welcome to the grand opening of the Sally Forth website/headquarters/Honeycomb Hideout! Please help yourself to some cheese and crackers. There’s also an open bar. And Hilary’s band will soon be performing “You’re So Party (Let’s Go Dancey)” on constant loop, so you may want to get a few drinks first.

As you no doubt know, Sally Forth first began as Sally the Fourth, based on the plays Sally IV, Part 1 and 2, initially discovered in a now highly discredited Shakespeare Folio that also included such apocryphal works as The Passionate Popeye and Troilus and Lois. The comic focused on the daily adventures of a working mom in the Plantagenet era as she juggled work, family, and various pins to the delight of the royal audience. Her husband Tedmund would often make pop culture references to his youth—mostly about the Magna Carta—while daughter Hilarina would…and I’m being told none of this is true. I’m actually being advised to stop typing as I continue to type that I should no longer type.

So in other words, we hope to see you here each and every day, so long as you realize this will be the only time we will serve the spray cheese and box wine.