Tuesday’s Top Ten Comics: Best of BABY BLUES

By ComicsKingdom Admin

Hilarious and heartfelt, “Baby Blues” is a beloved comic strip about parenting and what life is like with kids. Everyday parenting experiences that all mothers and fathers agonize over and laugh about serve as fertile comedic ground for award-winning creators Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman. On January 7, 2015,  “Baby Blues” celebrates its’ 25th anniversary in syndication. To honor the occasion, this week’s Top Ten Comics delivers 10 funny “Baby Blues” comics.

1. This is how a child’s cold becomes a family affair.


2.  Soothing a teething baby isn’t an easy task.


 3. A game of “Giddy up” leads to a case of diaper rash for the record books.


 4. Hammie makes a bold prediction about his baby sister’s future.


5. Getting the last word with these two siblings may take awhile.


6. Some parents forget what their life was like before they had kids. Wanda is no exception.


 7. Eating dinner in front of the TV might not be such a bad idea after all.


8. Darryl discovers just how painful it is to step on a Lego brick.


9. The kitchen is closed and the cook is off duty.


10. Finally, Wanda practices the fundamentals of parenting starting with “Because I said so.”


Thanks for reading these comics and join us all week as Comics KIngdom celebrates the 25th Anniversary of “Baby Blues.”

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