Sea Turtle Sanctuary!

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

A favorite getaway place of mine is Jekyll Island\, Georgia. While there, I always stay in the historic Jekyll Island Clubhouse. The hotel is the birthplace of our Federal Reserve (I encourage you to read of the rather interesting formation of the Federal Reserve), and to this day it maintains that “old world elegance” that was projected by (very) early twentieth century millionaires. Just a few steps away from the hotel is the Georgia Sea Turtle Center.

The Georgia Sea Turtle Center gets sick or injured sea turtles from surrounding states and nurses them back to health in order to release them back into the wild! They’ve recently made national news with the number of “cold stunned” sea turtles they have received.

Working closely with the Georgia Sea Turtle Center and the Jekyll Island Authority, I decided to do a feature on their efforts to treat these fascinating members of the animal kingdom. Please go to the Sea Turtle Center website listed in the strip to take a tour of it … you can even ADOPT A TURTLE!