A Week of Chucklies

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

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Wow, I just went an entire week without posting on this blog. I’m a terrible human being who needs to get his priorities straight. But I’m back on the straight and narrow now and promise not to let this happen again until it does.

Let us now review this week’s cartoons.

Monday: A simple joke that I came up with because I wanted an excuse to draw a ghost in a cowboy outfit. I like drawing ghosts as sheets with holes cut for the eyes. I think it’s funny. There’s another one in the archival section of the end of this post.

Tuesday: This gag is a little behind the times since everyone takes selfies now, but I’ve known a few older women who could not take a decent picture with a real camera if their life depended on it. I’m sure there are men with this problem, too, so don’t get all accusatory about my presumed sexism.

Wednesday: A friend of mine asked me about this gag, thinking the sign said “canoeing”. It doesn’t. This idea came from my friend and colleague, Dan McConnell.

Thursday: This gag was inspired a bit by a book I read not long ago that I found fascinating…Sex at Dawn: How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What it Means for Modern Relationships. It’s essentially about what anthropology, sociology, and zoology tells us about the prehistoric sexual behavior of humans and the origins of marriage and monogamy. Such a great read.

Friday: My favorite gag of the week, this one speaks to the human compulsion toward mythology. In the past year, I’ve substantially changed my attitude about where this comes from and why, not that that has anything to do with this cartoon. It’s just a topic that’s been on my mind.

Saturday: This gag came from my good buddy Cliff The King Of Wordplay. If you don’t get the joke, your brain is likely reading “improve” as “improv.” Tell it not to do that.

OLD BIZNESS: Here’s another fun ghost cartoon for your eyeholes. Click it to see it with more biggerness.

Bizarro 08-19-07 GhostWEB