Travel Secrets Therapy

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro 11-02-14 hdrWEB Bizarro 11-02-14 WEB(For enbiggened views of any of these images, click on any human hand.)


Bizarro is brought to you today by My Daughter, Krelspeth as Hall and Oates.

If you’re planning a trip to Europe, be sure to catch some of the sites mentioned below. Anyone sending me a photo of themselves in front of one of these Old World treasures will win a signed photo of me being carried piggyback by the Pope. (Offer good while supplies last.)

JAZZ PICKLE JAR: For dessert today, I bring you this Halloween cartoon from 1999. When I wrote this gag I had only visited California, but now that I live here I can report that this kind of general attitude isn’t prevalent, but is certainly more common than it is anywhere else I’ve lived or visited. There is an openness and civility in California that most places don’t share in large quantities and it makes it a more relaxed and peaceful place to live. Of course, I moved here after 10 years in New York, which is pretty much the opposite in every way. Bizarro10-31-99FrankensteinWEBI still find the absurdity of this cartoon funny, however.