Hostile Chickens

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

bizarro 10-19-14 hdr Bizarro 10-19-14 WEB(Don’t be a goober, click these images for larger views.)

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Those of you who have traveled as young adults are likely familiar with hostels. I stayed in a few when I was doing my backpacking-through-Europe trip when I was 20 years old. Lest you mistake me for a privileged white kid, I hasten to add that I paid for every cent of that trip, which lasted nearly four months when I ran out of money and flew back to the U.S. on the stand-by ticket I had in my shoe. The trip was a life-changing experience and one I’ve recommended to every person of that age group I’ve spoken to since. I was never beaten up in a hostel, as this cartoon depicts, but the similarity between the words “hostel” and “hostile” always gave me pause. My trip was full of youthful adventure, however, and I was a victim of robbery by a public official in Palermo and nearly got arrested in Paris––but those are stories for another time.

BIZARRCHIVES: Here is a Sunday comic of mine from 1998 which depicts the revenge of some Chick-fil-A chickens. What’s really amazing about it is that this despicable ad campaign has been around for 16 YEARS! Another despicable aspect is the coloring on this cartoon, which was from a time before I could do it the modern way in Photoshop. Ugh!bizarroChickfiletWEB