Corporate Ass Juggler Eyeball

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

bizarro 09-21-14 hdrWEBBizarro 09-21-14 WEBbz panel 09-18-14bz strip 09-18-14bz panel 09-19-14bz strip 09-19-14bz panel 09-20-14bz strip 09-20-14(For a largerized view, click any organic object in any cartoon)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Impending Doom in Disguise.

Today’s (Sunday) cartoon is about the lamentable corporatization of America. I know it has advantages, like cheaper crap with which to clutter up our lives, but it also has a terrible price. Small businesses get run out of business daily, jobs are shipped overseas by the tens of millions, minimum wage is below poverty level, laws are passed to allow corporations to effectively “buy” government officials, and a small busload of people at the very top keep all of the money and the rest of us have increasingly fewer options for working for anyone other than the megacorporations that own our country. If what has happened in so many other countries is any indication, what will happen is that as the gap widens between the immorally wealthy and the rest of us, most of the country becomes a ghetto, with a few gated, guarded, armed, compounds where the very rich live as prisoners of their greed. (We’re already starting to see this last symptom.) They may eventually be overthrown by mobs of hungry peasants, as was the case during the French Revolution, or they may never be able to leave their mansion/prisons without a phalanx of armed guards for fear of being kidnapped, as is the case in present day Rio De Janeiro and quite a few other places. Think of this the next time you get angry about government programs that attempt to level the playing field. This kind of social collapse for America is not as far-off as we are lulled into thinking and neither side of that kind of income gap is a comfortable place to be.


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