Godiva Fries

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro 08-24-14 hedr WEBBizarro 08-24-14 WEB(To see any of these images largerized, click any character’s index finger.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Modern Lady Godiva.

This is a fairly simple and maybe corny pun, but I love the contrast between the big hullabaloo I made with such a complex and formal illustration, and the final gag. Does that make sense? I actually used much of this art a couple of times before but what the hell, it took me a long time to draw, I might as well get my money’s worth, right?

JAZZ PICKLE JAR: The name of today’s archival section is appropriate since I put a jar of jazz pickles in the title panel of today’s strip. Here, from 1999, is a cartoon full of pathos as poor Mr. Potato Head listens to a prosthetics salesman describe his wares. I can’t help but wonder which one he chose, but I guess we’ll never know. biz24tsc PotatoHeadWEB