Transformer in a Bottle

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro 08-03-14 hedrBizarro 08-03-14 WEB(click on any image to make it “transform” into a bigger one.)

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One of my pet peeves about society is that cops are taught to enforce the law, regardless of the context. If you drive slowly up to a red light at four in the morning and stop, there isn’t another car in sight and you carefully move through the red light and on your way, you would very likely get a ticket from any cop that happens to see you. My question is always this: Do laws exist to serve people or do people exist to serve laws?  Whoops. There I go thinking independently and logically again.

Here in LA where I live, I have to move my car off of my street on Tuesdays between noon and 3pm to make way for the dirt-flinging machine (which LA calls “street cleaners.”) Sometimes I go out at 11:45 to move it and see from the swath of dust in the street that he’s already passed by. One would think it no longer necessary to move one’s car, but one would be wrong. A traffic cop follows the machine around a few minutes later and tickets any car on the street during the designated time, whether the machine has already “cleaned” the street or not. If he passes by at 1pm and you park your car back on the street at 2:30, you get a ticket costing $70. In any area of life, I have no tolerance for so-called “crimes” or “misdemeanors” that have no victim.

By the way, I am fully aware that some cops are not like this and I appreciate it.

By another way, I am also fully aware that the “secret symbols” in this cartoon are very hard to find. If you want to know where they are, click here.

BIZARROLD: On this same date in 1997, which by my reckoning is more than ten years ago, I published this cartoon which explains a nifty trick that you and the kids can try at home. Enjoy!Bizarro 08-03-97 SHIPweb