Tuesday’s Top Ten: Family Comics!

By ComicsKingdom Admin

Every Tuesday, we post 10 comics on a theme. Last week was Cousins Day (7/24) and Parents Day (7/27), and tomorrow is Father-in-Law Day (7/30), so to celebrate this week’s comics are all about families!

1. Dustin‘s family is having a game night! But what does that mean?:

2. Just who can you meet at a family reunion? Six Chix explains:
3. Bizarro shows us a very short family history:
4. What are the benefits of a family crypt? Tina’s Groove tells us:
5. Jeff from Marvin & Family is looking at family pictures:

6. What does Sarge from Beetle Bailey need to pack to go visit with family?:

7. Mother Goose & Grimm shows us the classic family scene of siblings in the backseat:
8. Sherman’s Lagoon tells us how pill bugs behave at family reunions:

9. There is nothing like family guilt! Pajama Diaries demonstrates:

10. And finally, Dagwood and Blondie share Bumstead family history:

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