2776, the Musical!

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Hey Jazz Pickles and Groove Monkeys! Rob Kutner, a fancy-pants comedy writer for fancy-pants TV shows (like The Daily Show) is part of an interesting music project that he got me involved in.

Here is Rob’s description of it:


The biggest comedy-music-sci-fi-history album of all time. Including:

 – 82 comedians and musicians (everyone from Ed Helms to Patton Oswalt to Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Dick Cavett, Aimee Mann, Andrew WK and many more!)

–  28 tracks, satirizing everything from sports to sex to the media to zombies

 – 12 musical genres: rock, rap, jazz, bluegrass, mambo, folk, Broadway, hip hop, et al.

–  69 utterly gratuitous dirty jokes

And every penny going to support One Kid One World, an incredible charity which directs 93% of contributions to building schools, living quarters, and teacher salaries in the most needy parts of Kenya and El Salvador.

He also got a lot of variously-famous artists and illustrators to do a poster-style image for each song. Here is mine, starring the inimitable Ed Helms, a personal favorite comedian of mine. In this song, he’s trapped in a fallout shelter with a woman with whom he is in love but cannot screw up the courage to tell her.  Check out the other illustrations here and consider getting the album here. It’s for a good cause or something, so I’m told.2776posterWEB