Star Trek Godzilla Murder Complaint Nap

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro 07-06-14 hedrWEB Bizarro 07-06-14 WEBBizarro is brought to you today by Catzilla.

I have a long-time pen pal in Germany by the name of Michael Roth. He’s a writer and sometimes he writes cartoon ideas he’d like to see and every now and again I use one. He sent me some ideas about how outdated the “communicators” from the original Star Trek TV show would look to us now, and we finally settled on this treatment for it. If that’s not enough, I packed it with lots of background jokes, too, so click the image for a larger look-see. On the side of the pink truck is one of my Jazz Pickle, limited-edition T-shirts. If you missed this one, check out my most recent shirt,available for only TWO MORE DAYS! Makes a great gift for that person in your life who is addicted to lame TV shows or Justin Bieber. bz panel 07-03-14bz strip 07-03-14bz panel 07-04-14bz strip 07-04-14bz panel 07-05-14bz strip 07-05-14And don’t forget to drop by and say hello to Michael.





These next several cartoons are the tail end of last week’s offerings. Michael Roth also sent me some ideas about Godzilla, one of which was about GZ ordering a “Manhattan” cocktail, which resulted in GZ asking about the missing terrorized populace in his drink.













A magician from an organization in Dallas asked me recently to come up with something for his students of magic, and that got me thinking about a trick attempted without knowing the “trick”. Whoops.












Lastly, we have an impatient patient. This one was a collaboration with my good buddy and frequent writing partner, Andy Cowan. Andy is a former TV writer for Seinfeld, Cheers, 3rd Rock from the Sun, and some other shows. He’s neurotic mess, of course, but you have to be to write for TV sitcoms. I’m one too, which is perhaps why we’re friends as well as collaborators.







PREBIZTORICALS: Hey, remember 1997? Neither do I, but this cartoon says it was published then. If you google “Catzilla” today, you’ll get numerous images, but I’d never seen the idea before when I published this cartoon. Perhaps I was the first? I’m going to assume I was and if you find out differently, I’d appreciate your not bursting my little ego bubble.

If you don’t get the gag, click on it and blow it up. On the far right is an old-fashioned, electric can opener being tugged out to sea. I only explain this because I fear I didn’t draw it large enough to make it clear. Ah, the foolishness of youth.bizarro 11-30-97 CatzillaWEB