Family Weddings

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Greg’s son Andrew married Mary Elizabeth Dooner in a beautiful wedding on Long Island last weekend.  The ceremony was held at St. Patrick Church in Bayshore and the reception took place in the stately Bourne Mansion in Oakdale.

Here are some photos from this wonderful event.

The Flagston kids are all too young to get married but we occasionally take a glimpse into the future.  In last week’s Sunday page (6/22/14), after attending a lovely wedding service, Hi and Lois discussed the prospect of Dot’s nuptials.

In this Sunday page from 1998, Hi and Lois reflect back on a period in their lives when all their friends were getting married.

Hi and Lois Sunday page, July 5, 1998. Hi and Lois Sunday page, July 5, 1998.

This is another great example of Chance Browne’s artistic talents.  The second frame, or “drop panel” is a spectacular panorama with an aerial angle.  The scenery has a distinctive New England look with a white steeple church and a red covered bridge.  The secondary characters in the next panel, from the bald pastor on the left to the smiling bride on the right, all have unique visual personalities.  The hand-held camera in the foreground and the tin cans tied to the car bumper add authenticity to the scene.  Chip’s posture and expression in the last panel are perfect to effectively deliver the punch line.

Most of my buddies were married in the 1980s, so this episode has autobiographical significance. Now, many of our kids are tying the knot.  My daughter Sarah and her fiancé Dan Pacifico are getting married on October 12.

It’s the endless cycle of life, both in real world and within the panels of Hi and Lois.

– Brian Walker