By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro 06-08-14 HedrWEBBizarro 06-08-14 WEB(I beseech thee to view larger versions of these cartoons by clicking them.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Anyone Know Who Did This Brilliant Cartoon?

As simple as this cartoon is, it was a pain in the cartoon ass to draw. One would think you could draw that damned treadmill once and then clone it but no, each is at a completely different angle and perspective so they all have to be drawn separately. Making them look identical was a chore. Notice I didn’t try to draw a gym full of workout machines behind them. Ugh!




PAZZJICKLES: I’ve done a lot of Superman gags over the years but this one seems particularly relevant in light of this past week’s Cosmos TV show, which was all about climate change. I’ve said it before and will again and again, Cosmos is the most important TV program of our time. Not only is it incredibly educational, but it’s entertaining to watch. If you like the magical intricacies of our universe explained in layman’s terms, which I do. Bizarro 11-25-07 SupermanClimateWEBIt’s a MUST for school kids, too.

I highly recommend watching the episode on climate change as it explains in simple language that yes, it is happening and yes, we are causing it. The climate-change deniers (including, ironically enough, Fox News, which is owned by the same company that airs this show) are either out for more money polluting the planet, or they just hate the topic because liberals picked it up first. Either way we’re doomed, but the episode has an uplifting message and isn’t a complete downer. Watch this episode and every other one, people. Your brain will thank you for feeding it something other than cartoons.