Aging Bones Spinning Bags

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

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Somewhere on the Interwebs is a deal where a guy did a time-lapse video of his daughter from birth to much later. That inspired this cartoon about Lisa Simpson, who is 24 years old this year.












I go to the doctor as infrequently as possible. I think it is a key to good health. Once every few years I pay him to stick his finger into my anus, though, not because I’m worried about my health but because I think it builds character.














I grew up in Oklahoma, in the middle of America’s famed “Tornado Alley”. It’s a lot like being in a blender, only less wet.bz 02-25-00 SeeEachOtherWEB












OLD BIZNESS: Jumping back 14 years in time, we find a unique solution to an age-old problem.