Square Parrot Prayer

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

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Bizarro is brought to you today by My New Career in Mexico.


My friend, Edwin, gave me the idea for this cartoon by showing up to dinner dressed like this. His T-shirt didn’t say this but his mouth did, so here’s a comic about it. In fairness to Edwin, I should add that he is anything but a square.











I really love this parrot-porn gag from the perverse mind of my known associate, Wayno of Pittsburgh. I like this cartoon because it hints at the fact that no matter how bizarre your fetish is, there’s a site for it on the Interwebs. Think of all the millions of people who, before the Internet, languished in silent shame believing that they were the only ones who were sexually excited by knees, or people in llama costumes, or whatever you can imagine. Wayno talks about his side of this collaboration here.