Free Comic Books? Yes, please…

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Just got back from spending the morning with Batman, The Avengers, The Green Arrow, and a few Star Wars sand people, clone warriors, and stormtroopers.

It’s Free Comic Book Day!

photo 2


I hit three local comic book shops, The Bookshelf, Fallout Comics, Cosmic Cat Comics, and came home with quite a haul… best of the bunch was a free copy of Stan Sakai’s “Usagi Yojimbo.” Subarashii!

photo 1


I also found and bought a couple of favorites, two new (at least to my collection) Asterix adventures. I prefer the hardcover French editions instead of English, but these are nicely produced. Zoot alors!

photo 3


And the best part of Free Comic Book Day, I got the chance to meet some local comic book cartoonists and bought their work — always good to support the local talent — Craig Schroeder and Daniel Hooker’s “Hit!,” Betsy and Billy Penn’s “Bacon and Eggs,” and K8e_Art.  Thanks, guys.

photo 4

Guess what I’m gonna do all afternoon?