May 2nd, 2014

Invisible Gluten Table Monsters

by Wayno & Piraro

bz panel 04-28-14bz strip 04-28-14bz panel 04-29-14bz strip 04-29-14bz panel 04-30-14-1bz strip 04-30-14bz panel 05-01-14bz strip 05-01-14Bizarro is brought to you today by A Kinder, Gentler Godzilla.


Apart from the amusing nature of a seemingly-floating cell phone, how many other cartoons give you the grandiose beauty of a scenic outlook in such realistic detail? Besides Dilbert, I mean.
















Are you gluten free? From what I’ve read, very few people actually have problems with gluten but the vast publicity it has gotten has caused an avalanche of psychosomatic symptoms. Never underestimate the power of suggestion on the human mind. Whatever works for you.










This shrink cartoon is not meant as an insult to transgender folks who actually experience this. It’s just a funny, fictional riff on a factual situation. To those of you who are suffering from this, I would encourage you to be proud of who you are and ignore those who object. Nobody is liked by everyone.













Today’s Godzilla cartoon comes from the fertile mind of my pal, Jim Horwitz, whom I call “JimmyHo.” He does a very different kind of comic called “Watson,” which was nominated this year by the National Cartoonists Society in the Best Short-Form Online Comic category. Congrats and good luck, JimmyHo! See his cartoons on Facebook and LIKE him!









BIZARROVERS: And to round things out, here’s another collaboration with JimmyHo from 2013. That boy’s got some funny ideas.Bizarro-08-04-13 HorwitzWEB




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