Amputee Gore Explosion Unibat

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

bz panel 04-24-14bz strip 04-24-14bz panel 04-25-14bz strip 04-25-14bz panel 04-26-14bz strip 04-26-14Bizarro is brought to you today by My Great Grandmother’s Career in Criminal Justice.

I like this batch of three cartoons quite a lot and got some interesting mail regarding two of them.

The first cartoon about the Scarecrow’s difficulty with the horses of Oz attracted this email comment: “I enjoy Bizarro very much but as an old retired newspaper editor I can’t resist commenting on today’s strip.  Obviously you are a city kid.  Otherwise you would know that a straw man would never be eaten by horses.  Horses do not eat straw.  Horses eat hay.  Horses bed down in straw.  Horses poop in straw (which might be worse than being eaten).  But horses do not eat straw.”

Yes, I’m a city kid and didn’t know the difference between straw and hay. Although I’ve worked on a farm a bit (volunteering at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary) and now remember that straw is gold and hay is green. Oh well, I still think it’s a funny gag.




Much funnier than the previous note is this one about the unicorn gag: “Thank you for your fun artistry and social commentaries.  

My auto license plate reads:  UNIQORN   I think my thoughts about Unicorns are forthright.  A Unicorn, no matter whose fantasy-land, would never attack or maim.  

Please make another commentary.  Unicorns are all about Peace and Imagination.”

Both of these notes were respectful and friendly so I don’t mean to make fun of them, but it has always been interesting to me the different takes that people have on any given cartoon. I explained to the unicorn lover that the point of that cartoon was not about the inherent violence of imaginary creatures, but rather the encroachment of humans on wilderness areas, which often leads to attacks. I suspect the reason sharks are getting closer to land and attacking humans more often is that their food sources have been pillaged by commercial fishing. Sharks don’t know it is us who are doing it, of course, but they are looking for large things to eat because we have so seriously depleted the amount of large fish in the ocean, so they wander closer to shore looking for seals or whatever. Just a semi-educated guess but let’s just all agree that it is true and look it up later.


My final cartoon this week is a collaboration with my good buddy and known associate, Wayno of Pittsburgh. I changed this one a bit from his original submission, so pop over to Wayno’s blog to see the original and read Wayno’s eloquent comments thereof.







bz 06-03-11UnicornBatmanWEBREZARRO: Here’s another unicorn gag I did back in 2011 that is in my book of Bizarro super hero cartoon spoofs. You can still order this hilarious book of hilariousness here. I highly recommend getting one for yourself and a dozen or more for gifts later!