Earth Day an’ th’ Smifs…

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

We celebrate Earth Day this week and it is a day we’ve regularly mentioned in the Snuffy Smith comic strip for many years now. Here is a look back at a few of my favorite Earth Day strips from years past…

An Earth Day 2011 featuring Snuffy and Jughaid. An Earth Day 2011 comic strip featuring Snuffy and his nephew Jughaid.

An Earth Day 20 featuring everyone's favorite gossips, Loweezy and Elviney! An Earth Day 2010 comic strip featuring everyone’s favorite gossips, Loweezy and Elviney, along with Parson Tuttle.

An Earth Day 2007 strip featuring Snuffy and Loweezay. An Earth Day 2008 strip featuring Snuffy and Loweezy going “green.”

Although this strip did not run on Earth Day, it is one of my favorite strips strips over the years and it has a recycling theme. Although this strip did not run on Earth Day, it very well could have.  Over the years it has remained one of my favorites and it has a recycling theme.  It actually ran in July of 2011.


Be like th’ Smif fambly an’ take a li’l time this week to thank Maw Earth!