1 Weird Trick

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro 04-13-14 hedrBizarro 04-13-14 WEBonetip-300x278Bizarro is brought to you today by Truth in Advertising.

If you’ve been loitering on the Interwebs recently, you’ve likely noticed a ton of these badly written and drawn ads for “1 weird trick” to do everything from reducing your belly fat to building muscle to learning a foreign language. As painful as it was for me to draw and write in that style, here are a few of my own suggestions of weird tricks. Follow them at your own risk. (Kids under 18: Ask your parents before chopping off body parts, being imprisoned in a foreign country, or playing with poisonous snakes.)



Here, of course, is an example of one of these ads from the web.



OLD BIZNESS: This moldy cartoon from 1997 is along the same lines as these ads in that it illustrates an ancient form of the not-what-it-seems aspect of this kind of advertising. The coloring is gross and clumsy because it is from a time before I could do my own coloring in Photoshop. Back then I had to guess at the CMYK percentages and hope for the best. Ugh!Bizarro 0419-97 Genie WEB