By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro 04-06-14 hedrWEB Bizarro 04-06-14 WEB(To be with bigger cartoons, click on any tentacle.)

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It’s election season in the U.S. again, somehow, and the usual crop of ne’er do wells is up and running. I used to follow politics closely but in recent years I’ve thought better of it and I’ve been happier for the decision. Accordingly, I thought this cartoon would be a good lesson for any alien species considering taking over the planet. (Side note: Can you spot your Grand Imperial Exalted Jazz Poobah in this cartoon? If so, put a few bucks in the tip jar at right to celebrate your cleverness!)


bz 03-03-01 alienWEBPREBIZTORICALS: Keeping with today’s theme, here’s one from ’01 that I still quite like. Modern sci-fi movies and such tend to put the onus on aliens to be equipped with some auto-translation technology that allows them to speak whatever language the earthlings are speaking, but in the early days of sci-fi TV and films, aliens just spoke English and nobody ever questioned how they knew it. This cartoon, of course, is about that phenomena from the aliens’ point of view.