Moody Warning Congrats Burial

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

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I got an angry comment from a reader about this Hulk cartoon, accusing me of “perpetuating stigma about mental illness.” I apologized for upsetting her but pointed out that the absurdity of this cartoon is enough to prevent people from taking it seriously enough to form opinions about sufferers of bipolar disorder. I’ve several friends and family members with this disorder and I’ve suffered from severe depression my entire adult life (controlled now by meds) so I fully understand both the seriousness and the stigma. If anyone else was offended, please don’t turn green and bust out of your clothes over it.





When this gag about dogs and cats came to me, I couldn’t believe there weren’t already commercially-available signs like this for cats, but after consulting the Google God, I came up empty handed. Here’s a chance for some of you entrepreneurial types.










I wrote this gag about pro wrestlers out of my continued amazement at how many fans this sport has who still believe it is a “real” sport. People can be so strange. I included the strip version so you could have a gander at The Periwinkle Badger, my personal favorite “wrestler”.









bz 09-06-96 psychic funeralWEB


BIZARRO BOOMERANG: This charming cartoon from 1996 is very dark, I admit. For the record, I’m not a big believer in psychic abilities but I don’t wish people dead who are. There is always some chance that the human brain is capable of more things than we can readily understand, but one thing that is absolutely certain is that there are many thousands of charlatans all over the planet who bilk believers out of money with simple psychological tricks.