March 27th, 2014

Books Hallucinations Grammar

by Wayno & Piraro

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Bizarro is brought to you today by Modern Survival Strategies.


Drawing bookstores and libraries is a chore. So are lawyers offices. Anywhere with tons of books on shelves is a huge pain in the donkey. But I persist in my tireless toiling to bring you the finest humor I can because I care about your day. (Oh, look, there’s a Tip Jar in the right margin of this blog!) The nice thing about it is, however, that it gives me plenty of places to hide “secret symbols.” Between the panel and strip version of Monday’s cartoon, there are 11. Happy hunting!









This cartoon that appears to be about marriage counseling is not entirely. The human brain often sees what it expects to see, so your eyes may fool you the first time you read this. This gag isn’t just about wordplay, it’s also about the ongoing conundrum of romantic relationships. Though I am very happy in my current relationship, I’ve experienced more than my share of relationships that were slippery mirages that evaporated upon closer inspection.









This wedding cartoon, however, is about wordplay. I’m something of a “grammar nazi,” so this kind of thing tickles me more than it might some others. My fetish for well grammar gets me in trouble from time to time, usually when I can’t resist correcting someone. I know it is rude and I always try to be diplomatic and self-deprecating, but nobody likes to be corrected. Someday perhaps I’ll learn to keep my mouth shut. But probably not. I blame it on Catholic school.










BIZARRO OF THE LIVING DEAD: bz 08-01-98 dot com WEBHere’s a tricky cartoon from 1998 that also employs some wordplay. You may have to read it out loud to fully get where I was going with it.





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