French Ape Bird Billy

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

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The first two cartoons shown here are some fun wordplay. The “Miss France” cartoon is reminiscent of some of the gags I’ve heard regarding the “Free Tibet” movement, wherein someone adds “with every purchase” to the end. I love that kind of gag.





The Planet of the Apes variation is another gag I really love and it was tons of fun to draw. I love primates and often include them in my oil paintings, as well. So much more like us than not like us.












I’ve done a few other bird vomit cartoons over the years. Here’s my favorite. For readers who may not know, birds eat worms, then regurgitate them into the mouths of their young when they’re too young to eat on their own.








DEJA VIEW: Today I set the Way Back Machine to 1996 and found this lampoon of a “Family Circus” cartoon which I thought you might find amusing. The creator of “Family Circus,” Bil Keane, enjoyed it, as he did most spoofs of his iconic comic.