What is on the head of ED?

By Jeremy Meltingtallow


I’ve had a few inquiries to what exactly is on the head of ED-N-SON LIGHT BULBS owner, ED.  So, to answer the question…the head gear is…..a cowboy hat.

Every character is designed with a purpose, so here is how this all came about.

1.  Why a cowboy hat?  Ed likes to make his decisions by shooting from the hip like a cowboy in the old west so it made more sense than a beret.

2.  Why is it so small?  Well, the hat is small due to the fact that Ed’s ego is so big that not even a 10 gallon hat can fit his head.

3. Why does it look so stupid?  That’s easy. I am not the best at drawing cowboy hats.

You can also check out Ed’s bio on the characters page for more of his back story.

Hope this helps.