Hot Tub Surgery Funeral

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

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Bizarro is brought to you today by My New Part-Time Job.

As I’ve mentioned here before, I can’t stand the idea of working for a company and having to go to meetings. Most people find a way to get through it, some probably actually enjoy it, but we artistic types live primarily inside our own heads so it is difficult for us to pay attention to people talking for long periods of time. No amount of note-taking would work for me. I’d forever be wondering what was said and then I’d get fired. A hot tub would help, though.


One reason I’ve been doing a lot of health insurance and medical cost cartoons lately is that I’ve not had medical insurance for well over a decade and my shoulder is blown out. For those you of without a medical degree, “blown out” is a technical term for when something inside your shoulder always hurts when you move your arm a certain way, and it lasts for years. I’ve done some research and am pretty sure it’s my rotator cuff. Whatever it is, it hurts like hell if I try to move my right arm above my shoulder, or reach for something in the wrong way. Surgery (in the U.S.) would be tens of thousands of dollars and I’d not be able to use my right arm for weeks while it heals. I make my living with my right arm, so it’s doubly problematic. I’m guessing I’ll just be the guy with a sore arm for the rest of my life.


BIZARRCHIVES: Here’s a fun little ditty from 1997 about a guy who didn’t need health insurance, either.