Cast of Characters Call…

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Now that last Sunday’s Oscar Night is nothing more than a fading selfie, I’ve been thinking again about which actors might play our Dustin cast, if by some miracule, an auteur would approach us about making our strip into a film. I imagine every comic strip creator from time to time entertains the thought of who they’d cast to play their characters. Steve and I have chewed over the notion several times…

…and the nominees are…

We both think quirky Michael Cera would make a dynamite Dustin.


 Bing!! Stephen Tobolowsky is Ed.


Helen’s loveliness and style could be easily portrayed by the wonderful Patricia Clarkson.


School of Rock’s Miranda Cosgrove as teen sister Megan. Unfortunately, I just looked it up, she’s recently turned 20… We’re open to suggestions here, as neither of us are very aware of any other popular teen actresses out there.


And of course, Wanda Sykes makes a perfect Simone.large

One thing’s for sure, no one other than Aaron Eckert could play Steve in his cameo… it’s uncanny