The twins are growing up!

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

IT’S BEEN EIGHT YEARS since the daily pages took note of how fast the twins are growing up. Time flies faster for us than it does in the Phantom universe. Even so, Kit and Heloise are overdue for a starring role in the dailies.

We’ve talked it over here at Phantom Central—editor Brendan Burford and I—and we think it’s time for the Walker family to start thinking seriously about launching the twins into young adulthood. Look for stories on the big decisions they face by the summer of next year.

For a preview of the themes we’ll be developing, take a look at “The Jungle Trek” story published in 2006. There, the Phantom surprised the twins by taking them on an impromptu adventure into the wilds of Bangalla. He tested their courage and ability to think clearly in the face of the unexpected, and to improvise solutions. (The operative dates in the Comics Kingdom archives are January 16, 2006 through May 13, 2006.)


The twins have a climbing adventure on a 200-meter rock wall. They lose their nerve when they can’t see their father up ahead anymore. Their safety lines go slack and he stops answering when they call up to him.


Next up, a solo adventures for Kit…


… then one for Heloise


The Phantom ended “The Jungle Trek” feeling good about how the twins will fare as they face the tests that lie ahead for them.


Life is about to take a very big turn for Kit and Heloise as they prepare for young adulthood. Stay tuned!

Tony DePaul, February 17, 2014, Rhode Island, USA