Quicksand and Tubas

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro 02-16-14 hdrWEB Bizarro 02-16-14 WEB Bizarro is brought to you today by Scotch Tape Boutique.

Today’s cartoons bring us three pieces of art that I quite like, if I may be so immodest. The header panel is one I’ve used many times over the years in different variations. Here’s it’s earliest incarnation.


The “House of Rope” cartoon was inspired by the Scotch Tape Boutique from an old Saturday Night Live sketch, with the great Fred Willard as its proprietor. I was musing about a specialty store that had little chance of surviving––unless the owner had a clever way of soliciting business.  (Click on any image to enlargify it.)

BIZTORICALS: My archival offering today is from ’03 and was a collaboration with a good friend of mine who is a neuroscientist, a comedian, a musician, a college professor and a best-selling author, Dr. Daniel Levitin. I hate him for his success in so many areas. If you want to get depressed about your own failure to accomplish as much as you wanted in your life, check out all of his amazingness here.  bizarro 03-02-03Tuba  =1WEB