Music To My Ears

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

PiraroAlbumCoverSMwebLike most arty types, I have a variety of interests. I’ve always enjoyed writing, oil painting, sculpture, cartoons, and I also write music. For the first time ever, I’ve posted some professional recordings of some of my songs. I sing and play rhythm guitar on the album, my good buddy, Tiny Tony T. Smith plays “fancy” guitar and did all the recording and mixing. You can have the whole EP for $3.96 on iTunes, Amazon, and some other places that sell music. Or, you can stream it on Spotify and those kinds of places. I assume I’ll never make any real money from these efforts, but artists like to share their work so here they are. I hope you’ll give them a listen and let me know what you think. Unless you think I suck.

The photo above was taken by the lovely and wonderful Pat Johnson of San Francisco. He’s a dandy guy who has photographed a LOT of famous rock stars and such. He’s taken pics of me because he’s a friend and likes my comics. The service I used to get my music out––Tunecore––wouldn’t allow any more type on the cover other than my name and the name of the album, so I couldn’t credit Pat. Here’s some of his cool work. Thanks, Pat!