Let the games begin

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

The Winter Olympics are held every four years.  Here is the Hi and Lois Sunday page we did to salute the last games, which took place in Vancouver.

Hi and Lois Sunday page, February 21, 2010. Hi and Lois Sunday page, February 21, 2010.

In many respects, I like the Winter Olympics better than the Summer Olympics.  This is a time of the year when us northerners spend a lot of time indoors, so I feel less guilty watching hours and hours of television than when it’s warm outside.  There are fewer events in the winter games so it’s possible to keep up with most of them.  Many viewers enjoy the elegance and drama of figure skating, but personally I find it nerve-wracking to watch a sport in which a tiny wobble or slip can spoil a routine that took years to perfect.  Snowboarding is entertaining and the Americans tend to dominate these events. Downhill skiing and speed skating are the most exciting races.  I don’t follow the NHL that closely, but Olympic ice hockey can be very competitive, particularly now that professionals can play on the American team.  There are certain events, like curling, biathlon and Nordic combined that seem very specialized, but can be interesting to check in on.

Keep an eye out for an upcoming Hi and Lois Sunday page that references the current games.  We are looking forward to a safe and successful Winter Olympics this year in Sochi.

– Brian Walker