Clean Fun

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

bz panel 02-06-14bz strip 02-06-14Bizarro is brought to you today by How to Dress When Meeting the Prime Minister of Canada.


I really love this gag and wish I’d written it. It actually came from my known associate, Wayno of Pittsburgh. He can be a very clever man when properly medicated. It’s been in my cartoon bullpen warming up for months but I saved it until Chinese New Year, in case any of my readers have any idea when that is. (I had to look it up.)

Yes, it will likely only appeal to readers who remember the days when most people routinely paid for goods and services with a check. During the first few weeks or month of a new year, you’d invariably write the wrong year on your check out of habit. Thank the Interwebs that those days are gone and you can just pay for things electronically now, and have your secret numbers stolen every few months and then have to wait for new secret numbers to arrive from your bank before you could buy anything or have access to cash.

Wayno is really into Chinese New Year and has some interesting things to say about that and this cartoon. Have a look at his expert analysis here, as well as some of his fine art relating to things Chinesey.

Bz PirateDryCleaners 1989 WEBBIZARROVERS: And now, from 1989, just one year after dry cleaners were invented, comes this ancient cartoon of mine about the same. This cartoon appears in my book of pirate cartoons entitled, “Bizarro Buccaneers.”  See if you can find a copy on the web somewhere. It is guaranteed to amuse and keep your coffee table from being stained by drinks.

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