February 1st, 2014

Groovin’ Pickle Pubah

by Wayno & Piraro

I just released an EP of four of my original songs & you can get them on iTunes! I’m so excited I may have pooped my pants!

Nope, false alarm, it was just my TV remote. I’ve been looking for that thing since yesterday. But I really did post my songs on iTunes so please check them out and buy the whole EP. It will cost you a full $3.96, which is a small price to pay for all of the enjoyment I’ve given you with my cartoons all of these years, right? Here’s where you can go to indulge my rock star fantasy. You can also find me on Spotify and a few other of the typical music outlets online! Just search under my name, which is Dan Piraro.

The attractive image below is my album cover. I hope you get that the picture is supposed to be campy/retro.  Many thanks to my girlfriend, Olive Oyl, for figuring out how to get these damn songs on the Intertubes. I’ve looked into it off and on for a couple of years and always gave up in tears. She’s the best!

Also a million thanks to my good buddy, Tiny Tony T. Smith of Tulsa, Oklahoma. We recorded these songs in his home studio and he did all the mixing and engineering, plus he plays all of the fancy guitar parts on the songs. I play the rhythm guitar and do all the vocals and whistling, and wrote the songs, of course. A word of warning, these are not comedy songs. You may find some of my lyrics amusing but overall, these are serious songs about different things that were rattling around in my brain carton. I can’t say what musical category they’d fall into other than “alternative.” My style tends to roam around a bit from genre to genre.

If you like them, please forward the info to friends and give me some good reviews on whatever site you find them on. If you do your job, this time next year Tony and I could be coming to your town with a 19-piece band, pyrotechnics, and KISS-style platform boots!






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