One Day Left

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

There is only one day left to get your official Bizarro Jazz Pickle Pride shirt, then the design will be retired.

I hate to keep banging this drum but I know that as soon as I retire this design, people are going to be begging me to offer it again because they didn’t get one before the deadline. I can hear it now, “I was in ICU and they wouldn’t let me use a computer,” “I was held captive by a tribe in the jungles of Borneo and didn’t find out about it until I was released,” and “My head was stuck in a pitbull’s mouth.”  I’m sorry for all your problems, of course, but now that I’ve made a big deal out of retiring the design (and making it a COLLECTOR’S ITEM!) I can’t go back on my word.JazzPickleShirts#1

Go here to fix yourself up real good with one of these rare shirts. As of this writing, you’ll own a piece of Bizarro memorabilia that less than 300 other people in the entire world will own! (Yes, I’ve sold some to foreigners so the shirts will be spread out all over the planet, limiting your chance of showing up at a party wearing the same shirt as someone else to 702,547,666,890 to one.*)

*This is an approximate number I arrived at by typing randomly.JazzPickleT02WEB