To Be Cool

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Do the people on your street think you’re cool? Me neither. But they will once we’re sporting this amazingly handsome garment!

There is ONE WEEK LEFT to nab yourself one of these very-first-in-a-series-of-highly-coveted, limited edition T-shirts! Once this sale is over, the design will be retired for good. No matter how many people cry and throw themselves on the floor like spoiled toddlers, I will NOT print more shirts. The prospect of you being one of those brokenhearted Jazz Pickles makes me soil myself. Take a look.

Here are the various styles and colors that are available for ONE WEEK ONLY. One or more of these will make you and everyone on your gift list for 2014 look like the shit (as the kid’s say) PLUS, you’ll be in possession of a certified COLLECTOR’S ITEM! This is big. Maybe bigger than when the Berlin Wall came down. History will be the judge.JazzPickleShirts#1

And here’s the design all blowed up real good so you can see how much craftsmanship went into it. Get yours here, before the neighborhood bully beats the crap out of you for not wearing one. JazzPickleT02WEBDo not get caught outside the jar.