News From Around The Kingdom: Flash Gordon Anniversary Celebration

By ComicsKingdom Admin

This week, the Kingdom celebrated a very special anniversary —the 80th Anniversary of Flash Gordon! Click here to read about the inception of the comics’ legendary intergalactic explorer.

In other news…

The new year is off to a great start for Norm Feuti and Retail. Check here to see the impressive milestone that has reached.

New Year, new resolutions!

Susan in Between Friends is looking to make a change, and Sandra Bell Lundy talks about the development of her characters in “I’m More Than Just A Mom.”

John Rose (Snuffy Smith) and Terri Libenson (The Pajama Diaries) are each kicking off 2014 by meeting and greeting their fans. John is hosting a cartooning workshop on Jan. 11, while Terri is giving not one, but two, presentations on Jan. 14.

Brian Walker provides a look back at Hi’s attempts to quit smoking in archival daily strips of Hi & Lois from January 1967.  

In “This Bed Is Made,” Tiff’s shares her housekeeping tips in this week’s Take It From The Tinkersons blog post. 

Other Kingdom royals regaled us with their storytelling, including:

Alex Hallatt weighing in on what inspired her Arctic Circle mini-series about Google’s mysterious barges;

Hilary Price, in her very entertaining Rhymes With Orange “Why I Drank the Cat’s Water on a Snowday, and More” blog post, sharing why it pays to have more than one pair of pajama bottoms. (In her case, several pairs!) She also provides solid evidence why multi-tasking is greatly overrated;  

Terry and Patty LaBan of Edge City reveal their creative process in “How We Make Edge City.”

Finally, in “Sheepish in America,” Bizarro cartoonist, Dan Piraro, shares how riding the New York City subway is an incredible vehicle for both creative inspiration and the study of human behavior.

See you next Friday!